Dear Congressman Pacquiao,

Make a change, Boycott organize boxing forever. Your kind heart shall not harden with the media manipulation used against your words about our gay brothers and sisters and the cheating that happened outside the boxing ring. The people have decided, you are a champion, the champion of the people. You do not require a belt or a title for us to know who you truly are. Focus on the bout that matters the most, the rights of our kabayans (people) that are being squandered by elected officials.


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Punishment for Sex Offenses

I am running a human rights campaign for universal punishments on sex offenses.  Guidelines that are to be followed by all nations. Rape will carry the penalty of castration, multiple offenders can NOT be exempt. Pardon can NOT be granted for guilty offenders from any persons, nations or organizations.

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leader protects

moon walkers, moonlight scribes and midnight warriors; the night leaders, protect while light leaders rest so light can protects leaders when they awake.

Jersey City Five Corners

I’m standing with giants @ Five Corners Library. Kasamas… Conscious orators and peace keepers..

Mabuhay ang manga Princesa


lahat ng sulat na isusulat ko dito ay para sa lahat ng princesa.

manga nanay, ate, kapatid, syota at anak.

paguusapan ko kung pano dapat kayong minamahal..


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I shifted gears to broaden the orbit of the physical and the invisible vibe,

to open pathways of the consciousness that can connect the blind,

deaf, mute and the aware in us,

and the aware who consciously looks away, numb with a blank stare… hushed.

Use words and thoughts to inspire the seeds we planted in the system to grow,

Create that beat; actions will follow the flow,

I call on my inner-self to do…

\\’@R3Z, weearrs or waahhhrezzz, let the oppressor reap what was sowed…

I’m here to tell what the seers see so healers can mend sensitives with weaken souls , tired or abused,

rise up, stand with us, humanity and spiritual lined up, speak the voice of truth..

a contingent chained up like Acacia’s limbs, a shade of safety chute,

a coalition of barongs and suits, connected like Narra’s roots,

follow the voice to the shores of the protectors..

Ancients, guide me and my fellow builders to march for long awaited peace fruit,

for humanity’s honored rights to be restored,


See if you’re deaf, walk with the blind to feel the rumble,

follow the beat that you hear if you’re blind or mute,

come today to give back the future to our daughters and sons,

We stand visible, clear as night with moonlight

Or blue sky with a shining sun,

Human as race,

spiritual consciousness,

solidarity as one…

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listen to what comes out of his own mouth to know who and what he is about.. not what you read about him or what someone else said about him..

Can Ron Paul help PI and the struggle?

He has been consistent with his position for over 30 years.

(talks about closing military bases on the 3:00 minute mark on this video)

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Araw ng Kalayaan


(for the women of revolution…)

We are created with angles and views that can compliment or collide,

challenging the mind, our journeys’ tides crashes and flows — intimate in time,

for beings who are spiritually entwined,

how was the will conquered that separated the sexes to divide.


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AnakBayan Congress

I’m the one who should have been driving but madness has taken over and crazy was leading me where to go…


For a long time, I thought the aware breed was scarce.. those who understand and making a stand.. then by chance, pulled by an unknown gravitation, I found myself doing AB NJ/NY ed and 1 month later.. Chicago!


Chicago was a surprise. I’m part of the van convoy that drove and it’s an experience that bonded us in ways that any of us cannot yet fully understand..  


I didn’t know it was AB’s first congress.. what I knew was I was amongst my people the moment walked in the room.. I am both privileged and honored to have been there at that moment and time.. this is where I’m supposed to be was the melody that replayed in my mind..



Like most, I see deep within the oppressor’s system. I see its agendas, its purpose, its plans, and its drives, its whys, its TRAPS and its players. I know the system is written in the language of violence, deceit and greed… lost and somewhat afraid..

I surrounded myself with mystic and cryptic words, only painting the big picture.. using spirituality as the only way to keep sanity. But the moment I fully understood what Makibaka represented… I knew nothing can hold me down – nothing can hold us down.


I switched gears and rewrote the agenda..I’m here to strengthen my people.

I realized mid-stride that I’m marching with a kabayan contingent of mabuhay, filled with warriors, giants and guardians.. some knows they are..  the rest soon to awaken..


My strength is my conjure, It’s a signature of the soul.. hear my howl and hear my roar…  feel it, it is something that vibrates from within.. something the system cannot measure nor understand..


I’m here to help this movement march and deepen their planted feet, root it on many levels so it cannot be pushed back of knock down..


bless my kasamas..